The DiUlus Institute, (An Online Research University), is a non-profit, institution of higher learning. The Institute is dedicated to offering cutting edge curriculum, online technology, methodology, and pedagogy. Established in 2003, The Institute is an exclusive showcase for content (curriculum development) and process (learner/course management systems. innovation.

The Institute's intellectual roots are very deep. They date to the early 1880's when one Alfonse DeIuliis, later to become known as Diulus (DiUlus) passed through Ellis Island as an Italian national immigrating to America. As the guardian of the family flame that saw the Lighting of the Lamp of Knowledge through four generations of descendants that have since followed him in his adopted homeland, Alfonse's enduring legacy lives on. Future generations are destined to learn by the light of his vision. The University is and plans to remain a dedicated, institutional research facility to promote the best in online higher education and, by example, show how it should be conducted on a global scale.

The DiUlus Institute, (An Online Research University) is now sub-licensing various courses to interested universities, colleges, institutions through its course licensing department. For more information please visit


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