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The DiUlus Institute is a one of a kind, cyber-based, higher education provider dedicated to serve as a primary guide to individuals seeking to fashion their own degree program from among over 4000 free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offered by colleges and universities worldwide. The process is individually self-directed using student driven individual home school methodology, a methodology that has proven successful in the USA over the past 200 years.

The DiUlus method offers individuals seeking a tuition free education an environment with alternative paths to self-learn at the college level to accomplish individual higher education  goals. The entire process is driven by the self appointed student Scholar, a designation mantel well deserved by the self-directed learner pursuing an individual path to achieve personal college degree goals.


The DiUlus Institute is a guide. It lays before the potential scholar the avenues available to achieve their stated objectives. Up until just recently, individuals seeking to acquire higher education in this manner has generally been unavailable and learners have been unable to extract themselves away from a restrictive  'this way or the highway', academic environment that dominates higher education. Potential students, regardless of age and restricted by time, distance, and financial resources have long been severely restricted in seeking higher education. The DiUlus Institute now makes it possible for anyone, anywhere with a desire to learn possible to acquire knowledge free from recognized authorities and top educators worldwide - Literally from among hundreds and soon thousands of universities and colleges worldwide.

Self Educate Yourself to a Degree
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How to Home School A College Degree  lays the groundwork for an individuals opportunity to achieve a higher education with attending a particular college or matriculating through a traditional higher education venue. The student never need to enroll in a university nor matriculate for a degree from a tuition charging university or lock themselves into a "free" university where your education effort may never be legitimately recognized by traditionalists, employers, or peers.  Order your copy today and take advantage of the Member only Forum to assist you with questions, tips and sources to turn your classes into accredited results for your efforts.


Recent statistics indicate that of the thousands of students attempting to take a free online collegiate course and who signed up for MOOCs over the past two years have found that, only about 38% of individuals actually starting a MOOC actually complete the courses. The spin is that this statistic is indicative that the courses are of no useful value to serious students. Unfortunately the statistic does not indicate the percentage who are incapable of taking online courses to begin with nor measure those who are so ingrained with the traditional "sit and learn" classroom mystic adversely affect the percentages because they soon give up and drop the courses. This is among the reasons why the DiUlus Institute provides an individual assessment process to determine if you or other desirous individuals are actually suited for this type of self-controlled rigor and personally possess the wherewithal to follow through to the logic end to achieve a degree. 


The DiUlus Institute helps determine if an individual has 'what' it takes to begin and follow through with a personal self-driven higher education plan. The DiUlus Institute Assessment helps to evaluate and suggest ways an interested learner may accomplish  higher education degree choices. There is no cost or obligation for this assessment



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