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The Di Iuliis College is a one-of-a-kind, exclusive cyber based online higher education information provider. The college serves as an exclusive and unique guide for individuals who possess at least one undergraduate degree and who wish to pursue a graduate degree utilizing free courses and content evaluation of prior work experiences to accumulate sufficient credits to petition for a recognized graduate degree. 


The Di Iuliis College

provider of such services in the world today.


The college aids individuals who possess the ambition and work ethic to secure a place above the undergraduate degree and who are capable of presenting a compete program destined to be approved as equivalent to their matriculation either online or in a classroom from a fully accredited university either in the USA or abroad. This is not easy. It requires hard work, dedication and patience to see freely offered courses through to the end and demonstrate to evaluators following completion that knowledge and expertise were acquired by the undertaking of each submitting individual who seeks to use it for accumulation for a degree.


What was once impossible is now possible


Over 4000 free online college level courses exist. Signing up and taking them is not the problem and enrolled student faces. The problem and the largest complaint by faculty is that students do not follow through and finish the classes. To keep their attention, institutions offering such programs will offer certificates for a price to complete a course or a series of courses. The certificate is of value when submitting the work for further evaluation for an advanced degree. Otherwise, students taking such courses will have to demonstrate they completed the course and via narrative convince the school that will award credit for it that the work is authentic and can be taken as a valid submission for appraisal. Certificate courses help alleviate the 'truth' test although a significant amount of effort must go into convincing  a reviewing school that the courses undertaken are to be taken as advanced degree work by any other standard imposed by the evaluating university.

Attempting to acquire a graduate degree using the Di Iuliis plan has appeal to refugees, displaced persons and those for whom records have been lost, misplaced or otherwise can not afford the cost of paying large sums of money for an accredited degree.


Di Iuliis offers a striking alternative and cuts short the enormous wait these individuals would otherwise have to take to accumulate enough funds to pay for the programs or undergo the expense of moving to a more condusive location. It simply is no longer required for a student to wish to have enough money or live in the right location to complete a graduate degree, nor wish for the impossible to attend an accredited university from anywhere in the world.


Di Iuliis College has made the impossible possible.



Gateway to Individual

Learning and Success

Self Educate Yourself to a Degree
The Personal Academic Way to Success

 It is now possible for a dedicated student to complete their studies without never needing to enroll in a university nor matriculate for a degree from a tuition charging university or lock themselves into a "free" university where your education effort may never be legitimately recognized by traditionalists, employers, or peers. With so many programs available to study for free and with institutions that are accredited willing to provide accreditation for courses and even degree programs without attending their university has changed the landscape of higher education forever.


What the DeIuliis Graduate School provides is a conduit whereby students who can demonstrate to the Graduate School that they have sufficient documentation for credit they will directed to the colleges who possess the authority to award approved and accredited degrees.






Recent statistics indicate that of the thousands of students attempting to take a free online collegiate course and took the time and signed up for MOOCs over the past two years have shown that only about 38% of individuals actually starting a free course or program actually complete them. The spin is that this statistic is indicative that the courses are of no useful value to serious students. Unfortunately the statistic does not indicate the percentage who are incapable of taking online courses to begin with nor measure those who are so ingrained with the traditional "sit and learn" classroom mystic adversely affect the percentages because they soon give up and drop the courses. This is among the reasons why DeIuliis Graduate School provides an individual assessment process to determine if potential students or other desirous individuals are actually suited for this type of self-controlled rigor and personally possess the wherewithal to follow through to the logic end to achieve a degree.