Schools, Colleges & Universities

21st Century Pioneers

GAASCU, the Global Association of Accredited Schools, Colleges & Universities is an international repository of branded and licensed, approved and accredited schools, colleges and universities worldwide that legitimately are licensed, approved and accredited programs in their local, state, provincial or national jurisdictions. 
Each member of GAASCU is listed with their credentials and what limitations or strengths they possess for the discriminating student or potential faculty and administration also seeking to affiliate in positions and who may find useful and helpful the information provided by GAASCU in their professional pursuits.
Throughout the description of the schools, you will note those that are legitimate members of their communities and are entitled to claim intrinsic academic value to student worldwide.
All members may claim through their affiliation and membership in GAASCU that their tradition in a lifelong educational journey will now give them an opportunity to be among the 21st Century's pioneers in developing online, blended, and immersive higher education advanced technologies that is provided by members of GAASCU as they propel innovations to spread knowledge worldwide.

FOR INFO: Contact us at Info@GAASCU.org