Prospective Students

-Consideration for admission to The DiUlus Institute requires:


(A) A preliminary application for admission to see if you are eligible

In order to be considered for appointment as a Diulus Scholar you must complete all portions of the preliminary admissions form below and complete the other requirement calling for submission of three references and and essay. Once satisfactorily complete you will be provided a more detailed and required admissions form. Once satisfactorily completed you will be asked to submit proof of prior learning and documentation that will validate your thoroughness in completing the application. Students not admitted but qualified will be placed on a priority list and as vacanies occur will be notified. Application protocol is based on submission of all documents required. prior to submission. To begin the application process for admission follow through with the information requested below and then complete the essay and the references.
(B) A short (250 word) personal essay why you want admission at DiUlus Institute?.
Tell us about your ambition, your goals, how you plan to use your professional qualification in future. How do you think diUlus on-line professional education can help you shaping your future.
(C) Three letters of recommendation to support your self-nomination

Each letter should reflect why the author believes you will succeed in a distant online education environment; a process that requires attention to detail and considerable self motivation. Assure that recommendation letters are not from relatives and that your contact with each responder has been during the previous three years.

Tips on Submission of Letters

  • Ask recommenders to explain your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Why do they think you should be a nominee as a diUlus Scholar.
  • Include information they feel bears favorably on your character.
  • Scan and attach signed letters individually to three separate emails.
  • Have letter writers eMail Your Letters Direct To: Admissions Dean
  • Do not mail references. Mail is unreliable and may take weeks to arrive.
- Scholarship

The following Tuition Free DiUlus Scholar seats are available from The DiUlus Institute.

  • The TDI student population is strictly limited to 150. Each is a tuition free seat.
  • Only DiUlus Scholars are permitted to matriculate.
  • Eligibility is determined through the Admissions process.
  • Each application is judged on individual merit.
  • DiUlus Scholars are free to choose the degree path of their choice.
  • Applicants of equal merit are selected based on timeliness of their application.

All student-scholar applicants selected for admission will be awarded a tuition free education to attend The DiUlus Institute. If an assessment is required for academic work accomplished at an institution and to be transferred but is other than from a recognized accredited or professional evaluation equivalence examiner, the following fees may apply depending on the financial circumstances of the applicant.

Previous Learning Assessment - Standard: $50 / credit hour
Previous Learning Assessment - Advanced: $75 / credit hour

These potential assessments are not to be construed in anyway as tuition. Should a student-scholar applicant not be financially capable of undertaking the transfer credit assessment process for prior learning, they may petition the Admissions Office for a financial waiver of all costs associated with the assessment of non-traditional and non-accredited prior learning. There are no admission, application, technology, orientation, document acquisition, or student activity fees.


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