Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Will my online degree be considered less than if I acquired the degree through classroom attendance at a collegeA1. ? It shouldn’t but too many traditionalists are in denial and have no idea what it takes to acquire an online degree.
A1. It shouldn’t but too many traditionalists are in denial and have no idea what it takes to acquire an online degree. It is therefore best to check with your employer on how they would view your degree aspirations. If they accept your degree as proof of your attempt to improve your education, knowledge and expertise, that should be the measuring factor of its value to you for that purpose. If however, you seek a degree for a professional license or position in academia, you should find out the requirements before you matriculate or attend an institution of higher learning to assure your work at a college will be acceptable for those specific purposes.


Q2. Is online higher education as good as on ground education?
A2. Not only is online as good as on-ground but with 70% of those polled that have experienced both, prefer online over on-ground. They think it is it better. This is a little known fact submersed in the rhetoric of those who do not want this information well known.


Q3. Can an on-ground professor teach online classes?
A3. Yes and no. Many traditional professors are reluctant to teach online because they believe it is inferior to the lecture hall. Students as previously noted have a different fix. Those professors that embrace online education find that students do as well, if not better, in the environment. Studies have shown online classes provide more one on one with the students and overcome barriers often experienced in the classroom. A good online instructor produces motivated and dedicated students. It is the same formula that works in the classroom.


Q4.Are college professors certified like public school classroom teachers?
A4. No. Their degree is their certification. That is why there is so much emphasis, at least in the United States to recommend a student’s degree come from an ‘accredited’ institution. There is no other way to measure the value of the faculty except through this type of peer review presently undertaken in the USA.


Q5. How does The DiUlus Institute ‘accredit’ or certify student learning?
A5. The DiUlus Institute, unable to provide the type of accreditation normally associated with the US Department of Education approved private providers due to its unique status as a strictly cyber university with no buildings, bricks or mortar or a residence in any jurisdiction other than in Cyber Space, must therefore go a step further. First, it must provide faculty for student instruction that includes trained academicians from US and international accredited schools who have obtained the highest recognized accredited degree possible in their respective discipline and, secondly, they are therefore considered experts by their peers and academies of higher learning, and thirdly, because they are this enviable capacity are capable of personally accrediting and validating the work accomplished by their students at DiUlus Institute who demonstrate that rigor has been accomplished on the permanent transcripts of students who matriculate at the Institute or through an Institute certified organization that the rigor and academics accomplished are, at the very minimum equal to, or superior to, that acquired through their experience at US or equivalent accredited institutions.


Q6. Are online professors tenured?
A6. The DiUlus Institute faculty are not tenured. Rarely are online faculty tenured... For the most part if they are at other institutions, it is because they are already tenured in their on-ground position. Virtually all other full time online professors are not tenured. Most are part-time and may like the professors at The DiUlus Institute be working for one or more accredited universities either as a full or part-time teacher in a capacity as either a tenured, full, or adjunct faculty member all at the same time. It is possible that your professor at The DiUlus Institute may be one who is teaching at one of the most prestigious schools in the world at the same time they are teaching you.


Q7. Are the online professors at The DiUlus Institute as good as on-ground professors?
A7. Yes, We believe they are better and in many instances head and shoulders above those teaching students at other online providers. With The DiUlus Institute faculty they are traditional instructors first and online instructors second. With more and more institutions, in their rush to add online courses adding online faculty who have no experience in the classroom, it demotes the value of the online class. This is not the case with The DiUlus Institute. Our professors have had and continue to have considerable on-ground experience and who are also capable and competent in teaching online. Industry experts refer to them as the Cadillacs of online educators. Most institutions don’t care and this adds fuel to the fire for tenured faculty who absolutely do not want to teach online and consider all things online bogus. The best bet is to ask. “Does the instructor have classroom experience and if so, how much?” Doesn’t hurt to ask, now does it?


Q8. Do online professors have as much freedom as on ground professors in course design and selection of textbooks?
A8. Generally no but at The DiUlus Institute, an Internet research university, our professors are given a great deal of latitude to experiment with pedagogy and technology to provide the best methodology for delivering and teaching an online class. Academic freedom is alive and well at The DiUlus Institute.


Q9. How does The DiUlus Institute conduct online classes?
A9. The DiUlus Institute provides students access to all academic and training courses through its own online learner management system provided by Powered By Global, a division of Global Academy Online, Inc.


Q10. How do you conduct examinations?
A10. The DiUlus Institute conducts all examinations online through a patent pending secure system web portal that assures the integrity of examinations and the process.


Q11. How do I qualify as a DiUlus Scholar?
A11. An applicant must exemplify a scholastic aptitude to thrive in a distance education environment. Scholars must evidence the highest ideals of character and ethics, demonstrate an active desire for public service, and invest time in serving their fellow man, community and nation. Once admitted, a scholar must also continue to demonstrate a desire to excel.


Q12. When will the Institute be accredited with a US Department of Education recognized accrediting agency?
A12. The University is too new to be accredited having spent its formative years in developing its research platform. Now the Institute is pursuing accreditation and licensing options among several various US and international venues recognized by the United Nations and the US Department of Education. It is anticipated that before the first student graduates from the Institute certain generally acceptable accreditation standards will be in place in addition to the faculty certification and validations and quality control presently designed and in place.


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