Students Services

Only for Authorised Students

All students are required to have access to a computer that will permit them access to the University, Faculty, Library, and ResearchTogether. The Tech requirements spell out the details of those requirements. Students will provide the university with the location and specifications of the computer or computers to be used for access to the University

Students use this interface for:

  • Student Access to Online Library
  • Student Access to ResearchTogether
  • Student Access for Projects Submissions
  • Student Access for Softwares Download
  • Student Access for Class Progress Records
  • Student Access for Examination Records
  • Student Access for Transcript Request / Verification Services
Student Id: Control Number:
Please do not share your Student Id and Control Number with anyone. Control Number can be found on the back side of student id cards. Please contact in case you lost your student Id card. New card with be issed within 3 working days. In cast of login problem please contact administrator.

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